Our Aims

Honeydew Healthcare Ltd (HHC) aims to provide high quality compassionate care and support to people who are unable to look after themselves in their own homes, at a time convenient to them. In order to do this, we work to understand the benefits of living independently in one’s home and the positive effects this has on a person’s quality of life. We work collaboratively with multi-disciplinary teams and in partnership with local authorities/health and social care trusts and the community to offer the best support to our service users which is designed to help them achieve their individual needs.

Our objectives

• To commit to person-centred and inclusive partnership based approach which embraces every individual in receipt of our service, their family/carer, local authority/health and social care trusts and other agency colleagues.

• To commit to every individual in our service in order that they should have a stable fulfilling environment that enables them to retain their independence and remain in control of choices and decisions

• To commit to every individual’s rights in order that they continue to have Independence, Sense of Security, feel that their dignity is respected, feel empowered through acknowledging their Civil Rights and uphold principles of Confidentiality.

• To promote an all-inclusive culture and spirit which transcends racial, cultural, religious, sexuality and social background of every individual in our care;

• To recruit the best appropriately qualified staff who will reflect our multicultural society, train, support, develop and empower them to deliver an unequalled service to every individual in our service.

• To provide a seamless 24 hour service to every individual person in our service 365 days a year.