Domiciliary care (care at home)

Personal care and support that will make your day

As we age, performing some everyday tasks and routines may begin to pose a challenge. If you are finding that you can carry out some activities independently, but have trouble with others, then domiciliary care could be for you. Our domiciliary care service offers highly skilled, dedicated care staff to older people, and adults / children with complex health needs, within their own homes. From a minimum of 30 minutes to several hours a day, our Carers will support you with a range of tasks, including:

Personal care

  • Help with getting up / going to bed
  • Assisting with washing, bathing, showering and dressing (maintaining good personal hygiene)
  • Moving from bed to chair/wheelchair/toilet with or without hoists
  • Shaving
  • Hair and nail care
  • Changing incontinence pads
  • Emptying catheter bags

Domestic duties

  • Cleaning and dusting
  • Changing beds
  • Hoovering 
  • Washing up
  • Ironing

Getting around your local area 

  • Shopping 
  • Attending medical and other official appointments 
  • Catching up with friends and family members
  • Visiting day centres or community groups – please note that this only includes use of clients’ own care or walking/wheelchair assistance
  • Attending a place of worship

Helping you to manage your money

  • Putting together your shopping list 
  • Paying bills
  • Depositing benefit payments

There are many more ways in which we can support you; and if you have more specific care requirements, these can be included in your care plan. We are equally passionate about matching our clients with Carers who can meet their cultural and spiritual needs.

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